NWCS Newsletter Week 14 – 20190103

Dear NWCS families,
Welcome to 2019!! 歡迎來到2019年!!
Hope you all had a wonderful holiday break.
We will have Chinese school this coming Saturday. Many classes are having finals and/or rehearsals for the Chinese New Year celebration on January 12th. Please remind the kids to study or practice!
Reminder to all the parents about getting the assigned paper goods, drinks, desserts and snacks for your kids’ class for the Chinese New Year celebration. The class parents should have reached out to you about the needed items. Please reach out to your class parent, or Mike Yin (our class liaison), if you have any questions.
Kindly bring the non-perishable items (drinks, paper goods) on Jan 5 and the desserts and snacks on Jan 12 
Best Regards,
Francine Fang 方敏

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